Experiencing Abundance

Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into.
— Wayne Dyer

Get a piece of paper and a pen, close your eyes and say the word, “abundance."

What comes to mind? What other words, images, ideas come up for you? Write them down. Hold onto those for a few moments.

I want to share a few ideas I have about abundance in my own life.

I admit, I am a personal growth junkie. I am often listening to podcasts and radio shows, reading books and articles, attending workshops and conferences- all to continue to be inspired and learn to be the best version of myself.

With that said, as for many of us, I struggle with maintaining a daily feeling of gratitude and abundance and have to continue to practice bringing it into my life.

Recently I was, once again, reminded that only I can control my perspective about what brings me joy or brings me down, what fulfills me or what depletes me and what I perceive as positive or negative.

I am responsible for my own experience of situations.

This is annoying to hear sometimes, isn’t it? Taking responsibility for your thoughts and emotions is hard work! Guess what? It is also super empowering!

Abundance means an overflowing fullness or a plentiful supply.

Yes, we can think of abundance in terms of material things, but in order to live in real, personally fulfilling abundance, we have to manifest that abundance in areas of our lives that create space for gratitude, personal growth, love, strength, happiness, connection to others and peace in our hearts and minds.

I believe that in order to live in abundance we have to think in abundance. In order to receive love, we have to be able to give love. In order to feel generous, we have to be generous. In order to be more successful in our career, we have to believe we deserve it. In order to offer more forgiveness, we have to know it is possible. In order to be more patient, we need to know it is already within us.

Personal responsibility is one of the keys to experiencing what you want to experience in life.

Instead of coming from a place of what you don’t have, you get to shift it to what you do have. Instead of thinking that life happens to you, ask yourself, “what would I like to create in my life?”

So much of how we think and behave occurs out of habit, but we do have the power to experience life in a way that fills us up instead of depleting us.

Studies show that living with gratitude and being open to your own abundance can significantly increase your happiness and protect you from stress, negativity, anxiety and depression. I know it does not always feel that we have this choice but we actually do, even in some of our darkest moments.

In these moments, we can choose to be resentful or we can choose to be grateful.

We can see opportunity for loss or we can see the opportunity for growth.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t experience our feelings. It is incredibly important to experience all of our emotions, and it is also essential that we learn how to move out of them, take the lessons that help us grow and leave what does not serve us.

Manifesting things in your life is something you already know how to do. You are actually manifesting on an ongoing basis but it is up to you if you manifest in abundance or scarcity, bringing positive or negative things into your life. Every day is an opportunity for you to shift your perspective from not enough to overflowing fullness.

Every moment is an opportunity to change the narrative or the direction of your life.

Now take another moment, close your eyes and say, “abundance” again.

Notice what comes up for you this time and write those words down. Is your list the same or different? No judgement; no right or wrong. It’s only about what brings you joy and fills you up.

Now, in front of each word write:

  • There is an abundance of…
  • I am in abundance of or I/We live with an abundance of…

Read this list each morning for a week and see what happens.

Much love, gratitude, and abundance to you all!

Happy Holidays!

Gina and the VWS Team
(360) 828-1429


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