Encourage Your Children to Believe in Abundance

Maintaining an abundance mentality involves two factors:

(1) A belief that there is enough of everything (wealth, health, love, friends, etc.) available, and

(2) A belief that we have constant access to it.

Abundance is the opposite of scarcity.

When we operate from a perception of scarcity, we can actually block abundance by not being open to it.

These are the essential aspects of abundance to keep in mind when raising children to be abundant thinkers.

Here are some key points to consider to help your children believe in abundance:

1. Foster abundance in your children by using positive language when talking about money and health. When discussing difficulties or challenges with your children, make sure to convey a positive attitude about them as aspects of life that help us to grow.

2. Be aware of your own abundance-blockers so that you do not pass them on to your children. One way to accomplish this is to pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding money and other areas of our lives that are influenced by abundance.

3. Refrain from discussing financial concerns or worries in front of children. This includes telling children that there is no money to purchase certain items.

4. Refrain from pointing out scarcity in your children’s lives so that they are less likely to develop a scarcity mentality. Some examples of scarcity statements include, “why don’t you have/make more friends?” or “you are going to make yourself sick if you do that,” or “if you don’t save your money, you will have none."

Many children that I know are actually better at accepting abundance than most adults.

To truly embrace abundance, it helps to be in touch with our playful side and remember what it was like to believe in magic.

In gratitude,

Dr. Sharon and the VWS Team
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