4 Sure-fire Ways To Get More of What You Really Want

What do you want? Really. Is it a thing? A new car? A different wardrobe? Is it money? Is it prestige?

Take a moment and think about what the word “abundance” means to you. Is it really just a large quantity of something, or is it more than that?

In my experience, people tend to associate abundance with two items: money and time. Both are quantifiable things - things that you can count and measure. I recently read an article by Charles Eisenstein (one of my favorite speakers/authors) who referenced a 2011 study of households with a net worth of $25 million or more (yes, you read that right - twenty-five million dollars). The study indicated that the majority of these households didn’t feel financially secure and actually felt they needed to increase their assets by at least 25% to have that sense of security. That’s astonishing!

So, what is that really telling us?

There’s clearly a deeper issue - an innate need that isn’t being met. Charles Eisenstein says “we have maximized our production of the measurable – the square feet, the productivity per labor unit – at the expense of everything qualitative: sacredness, intimacy, love, beauty and play."

So how can we truly experience abundance?

When we shift our perspective from one of quantity to one of quality, we can stop seeking abundance and start experiencing it.

 Here are four of my favorite ways:

1. Self-Care

The internet is smothered with articles about self-care, so I won’t go into detail on how to implement it into your weekly (ideally daily) life, but it’s something your body is craving whether or not you allow yourself to recognize it. Unfortunately, it’s become socially acceptable to run ourselves into the ground, work tirelessly, and constantly be productive lest you be considered the horrid “L” word… LAZY!

The fact is that we need time by ourselves and for ourselves - it is NOT selfish.

We need to unplug and indulge in activities that bring us joy on a regular basis. This is not an option or simply a suggestion. This is absolutely mandatory for your current sanity and your future well-being. It’s during self-care activities that we’re able to bask in the abundance of time (even for 30 minutes), day-dream, and exercise the creative aspect of our minds that is otherwise dominated by our logical and over-analytical brain. It’s in this space that we’re recharged and rejuvenated, and as a result of this intentional care, we’re able to fully participate in the world around us.

2. Connection

There’s something to be said about feeling understood - about really being seen by someone. You might experience it with a family member, a dear friend, or a partner.

Creating a connection is truly powerful, because it enables us to step out of loneliness and step into intimacy (into-me-you-see). It allows us to share time, beauty, and play with another being, which can exponentially enhance any activity - improving the quality of your day-to-day experiences.

3. Community

Taken one step further, we have community. I’m the first to admit it - I’m an introvert. Socializing does not come easy to me, but I’m constantly blown away by the power of community - not just in the collaborative efforts to reach certain fundraising goals, run marathons, or attend social gatherings but, more so, in the power to create healthy change and provide support in times of need.

When we witness and experience others going through similar struggles, realizations, or accomplishments, it’s easier for us to connect and identify patterns within ourselves that can stimulate collaboration, propel creativity, and generate ripples that have the ability to affect scalable change and shift paradigms. It all starts within, but the macrocosm reflects the microcosm. It puts true meaning behind Ghandi’s words, “be the change you wish to see in the world."

4. Health

So, how are we able to accomplish these other three aspects of abundance? It’s simple. We have to honor and invest in our health. Because without our health - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically - how can we be in a space to fully participate in connection and build community? But health isn’t just merely the absence of disease; it’s a vital expression of your authentic self. Unfortunately, it’s difficult when we’re constantly facing stress, exhaustion, or chronic pain.

Society has normalized headaches, depression, fatigue and heartburn, among many others, but these symptoms are not normal by any means. They are signals from your body, and they’re telling you something very important: you are out of balance. To bring balance back to the body, we need to discover the underlying cause, correct it, and prevent it from resurfacing through proactive and preventive natural therapies. Today is the perfect day to start bringing balance back to your life.

This change in perspective, from quantity to quality, can be more valuable and more influential than any amount of money or materialistic gain. Through working on your internal balance and implementing regular self-care practices, you’ll be more prepared to experience connection and help build your community.

Abundance is all around you, but it’s up to you to experience it.

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To your current and future health,

Dr. Michelle and the VWS Team
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