How Can We Achieve Greater Abundance With Our Health?

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What does Abundance mean? A plentiful supply.

Someone asked me the other day: ‘aren’t we living longer?’ Why is health such a big focus if we’re living longer as a society??

Although we may be living longer, statistically we are not living those longer years in good health; our vitality is poor and we aren’t experiencing quality of life with ENERGY and JOY in our extra years.

The more wisdom we have about our body’s unique needs, the more likely we will be to have optimal health, no matter what our age!


4 Steps to achieve more abundance with your health:

  1. Seek nutritional wisdom
    *science based evidence
  2. Learn what your body needs to thrive 
    *everyone is unique  
  3. Understand your why??
    *motivating factors for you
  4. Make a plan of action 
    *daily steps towards the end goals


The first and most important step in this process is seeking wisdom; our key to achieving more abundant health.

Wisdom guides our choices and aids us in the process of creating changes.

In our journey towards optimal health, we will uncover many components that we need to assess in order to create changes that are sustainable.


  • Nutrition & hydration
  • Exercise & movement

  • Sleep & relaxation

  • Stress & resilience

  • Relationships & networks


Are each of these categories in your life where you would like them to be? Do an honest evaluation and highlight the areas where you know you could “level up”! If you desire a plentiful supply of energy so you can chase your kiddos or grand-kiddos around, or if you just want to wake up with energy instead of inflammation and pain, you can’t keep doing the same things you have been and expect different results. We all know the definition of craziness!!


If you desire help learning what steps to take first and want to learn from a passionate professional, schedule a time with Haley to talk more about creating an ABUNDANCE of health in your life now, so that you can enjoy each and every day to its fullest!



Haley & the VWS Team.