5 Gratitude Practices To Fix Any Funk You May Be Experiencing

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If you feel like your life isn't as joyful as you'd like, here's some strategy to help replenish your joy quotient.

Research show us that feeling gratitude can transform our moods and our brain. Feeling grateful floods us with the “feel good hormone” oxytocin, which in turn, creates more oxytocin receptors, leading us to greater feelings of happiness. A great positive cycle!

Can’t find your gratitude? Life can be hard, even heart-breaking.

When you need some help correcting the “off” feeling(s) that are keeping you from your happiest self, here are some of my favorite options.

  1. Put your earphones on, pull up your favorite music, and walk out the door for a 10-20 minute movement break. Listen to whatever inspires you.

  2. When you are done with your walk, sit down, take 10 deep breaths and pay attention to how your body is feeling.

  3. Hydrate with water and if you notice hunger being present, grab some veggies and some delicious fat (think pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, etc).

  4. Write out:

    - 3 reasons you are grateful today
    - what you would give to the world, or others, if you were to accomplish all of your dreams
    - 3 things you could do TODAY to move towards accomplishing your dreams

  5. The name of the person you will call and connect once your 3 things you could do TODAY (from question 4) are completed.

When doing these 5 practices, anticipate positive outcomes and visualize the feelings you want to experience more in your life. These powerful habits can act as a catalyst for recognizing your blessings and getting yourself out of a funk!

If you need further help implementing practices that will improve your health and happiness, schedule a FREE 15 minute “Meet & Greet” session with Haley Vilhauer, RDN, CD., our local Registered Dietitian & Functional Nutritionist.

Haley & the VWS Team.