Why is it so hard to do the little things to improve your life?

Our theme this month is Motivation. I planned to write about some things we can all do at home some small easy steps, to become more motivated. Because, motivation is obviously the goal, right?! I mean, if we were all just a bit more motivated, our lives would be better, right?

I changed my mind when I came across this video by Mel Robbins. She argues that motivation is garbage – that our brains are designed to protect us from hard things, so we are only motivated to do things that feel easy, which doesn’t allow for real change. And, that we never really feel READY for change. Becoming a parent is the example that comes to mind here…

I sat back and thought about all the things I’ve willingly done in my life that felt really hard. The conclusion I came to was that what I was actually motivated by was the idea that finding a way to accomplish the hard thing would lead to things feeling and being a lot easier.

It’s all about choices and behavior, not motivation.

It’s worth a watch.

In Gratitude,

Kendall & the VWS Team