Find Your Why

To be honest I am having a difficult time finding the motivation to write this blog post. I keep pushing it lower down on my to-do list. I am not sure the reason. Well that is not entirely true. Time is my reason. I haven’t had a ton of time lately with work life, family life and everything in between. Writing does not come that easy to me. I can’t just sit down and whip something up. I need time to focus, brainstorm ideas, find a purpose in it and then put it all together. So I kept telling myself I would do it later when I have the time and motivation.

Do you ever do that? Have something on the top of your list but then keep pushing it down and then the more you push it down and away, the harder it is to find the motivation to do it?

To be motivated to do something, you have to have a desire, a need or maybe an internal or spiritual calling that gives you the energy and will to do it. With that said, even when we feel the desire or need for something we may still not feel motivated. Sometimes we get so stuck in patterns or cycles of behavior that we keep doing the same thing over and over again, even when we want different results. My clients will often say, “I keep doing (X). I don’t know why I keep doing that.”

So how do we get unstuck? Find your why. Find your why beneath you why! Once you have your deep-rooted felt sense about why you want change, it is much easier to access your intrinsic or internal motivation.

You probably know a lot about what you DON’T want in your life, but have you really thought about what you DO want- in your health, your relationships, your social life, your career, your finances, your spirituality? Your goals for what you desire should be created out of what you do want in your life. Even with specific goals though, this is often where people fall short, get frustrated and go back to old ways of being. Goals are just ideas without the motivation to keep moving into action towards them.

Now that you have an idea of some areas in your life where you would like to be experiencing something different, it is time to find out why you want it. Imagine you are already experiencing these changes in your life, your body, your relationship, your career. Why is that important to you? What will having this do for you? What would you be feeling? What would you be doing? How would you know that it is different? Does it feel like other opportunities might be available to you? How might you be different? Your family? Your life?

If you are ready to explore and discover what could be different in your life, find your why and motivation to step into your inspired action please schedule yourself for a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION with me!

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In Gratitude,

Gina M. Watkins & the VWS Team