Healthy Skin is Manly Skin

Not into skincare? Don't have the time? Here are a few tips and tricks for those low-maintenance gentleman who need help achieving healthier skin habits.  

1. Exfoliate in the Shower

Whether you are a ‘wake up and shower’ kind of guy, or a ‘shower when you feel like it,’ it's super easy to keep your skin soft and smooth by spending just one extra minute in the shower. Use your favorite cooking oil (grape seed, olive, or avocado) and apply it to your dry skin when you first jump in. This will loosen dead skin even underneath facial hair. Now grab a washcloth and wipe the oil away! Easy, right? 

2. Switch to a facial grade bar soap. 

Sorry, Dial is not an option! Head over to the healthy section at Fred Myer's and pick out any of their natural non-scented bar soaps. My male clients like "Shea Moisture" or "Nubian Heritage" brand "African Black Soap". This affordable alternative is gentle enough for your face, doesn't have that strong feminine scent associated with skin care and makes shopping for multi-purpose products a breeze. 

3. Moisturizer is NOT negotiable.

You’re not getting off that easy. When it comes to aging, dry skin is a killer. I'm not saying you need to start using serums, or getting injections, but I am saying you actually need to use a lotion daily. Preferably twice daily. Leave it on your counter so you'll see it and remember to use it! Trust me, you'll thank me later.  

4. Don't knock a facial until you've tried it.  

Alright, facial aren't just for the ladies! A facial is a great way to transition during seasonal shifts, when you are stressed about work, are having a weird random break-out, or just because. Don't wait to get help or ask for skin advice until your skin is so red and inflamed that you need a dermatologist. OUCH! Estheticians, like myself, love to share our favorite products and help give your skin the best chance at looking and feeling great! We're also not afraid to get our hands dirty and take care of that stubborn back acne. So give a facial treatment a chance! Healthy skin isn't as hard to achieve as you might think. Schedule here.

Emily & the VWS Team