Let's play up summer with these three fun beauty hacks.

1. Cocoa powder makes a great bronzer.

Who doesn't love chocolate? For all you fellow fair beauties who wish they could catch more sunshine, without turning into a tomato, you know bronzer can be our best friend. Use cocoa like you would any loose powder and just like that you smell great and look amazing. And guess what? You'll be saving money and skipping the chemicals in traditional bronzer products. Boo-yah! 


2. You're favorite lipstick could be your new favorite blush. 

While I've been experimenting with using beet powder as a blush, my skin likes to eat it up and then I'm back to my pasty white self. I highly recommend you test beet powder for yourself, but sometimes you are out with your friends hiking and you just need a little blush to make your selfie game less ghostly (oh, the struggle). Grab your favorite tinted chapstick/lipstick out of your pack and apply lightly to your cheek bones. Rub in with your fingers and then bask in the rosy glow!


3. Make sunscreen an every day, not just a beach day. 

Any time you are going outside, sunblock needs to be a number one priority. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying 30 minutes before going outside, a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen at least 30 SPF or higher, and reapplying every two hours or right after swimming/ excess sweating. *Phew. This might sound like a lot of work to just not get burnt, I mean, it just turns into a tan after, right? Mmm. Maybe not worth the risk of aging faster. "UVA" refers to those aging rays of the sun that can actually speed up signs of aging. Here's your tip for staying young and saving more time for summer play. Mix your sunscreen and foundation together, to make a two step process only one.  Why had I never thought of that before?


Emily & the VWS team