Practice Makes Progress


One thing that has occurred to me as I’ve gotten older (almost 40 now!) is that so much of our life experience is about our own mindset. What we focus on and practice, is generally what we become. In thinking then about just how important it is to focus on the good things, how can we practically apply that concept?

It is important that we have some daily reminders to help is stay connected to who we are and how we are showing up in the world! Often, what we focus on and practice is what we become.

My professional and personal advice

After you’ve completed this worksheet, keep it next to your computer or workspace to continually remind yourself of these things every day of your life.

Consider putting your 3 words in your phone or some other prominent reminder that we can’t help but focus on several times daily. I put alerts into my phone, as I know I will check it on my lunch break and before I head home from the office for the evening. This simple practice allows me how to stay in tune with my BEST SELF!

A life with intentionality is a life well lived.


Three words that will now define the best of who I am. These words will be used to guide my personal life, including my thoughts and actions.

WORD 1: ________________
Why I chose this word: ________________

WORD 2: ________________
Why I chose this word: ________________

WORD 3: ________________
Why I chose this word: ________________

Stay connected to these words and their WHY!

If you, your team or company need more advanced tools and strategies for becoming more motivated to step forward to becoming your BEST SELF, please do reach out to see if you are ready to apply for a FREE COACHING STRATEGY CALL.