CBD Oil Treatment


What is this stuff called CBD?!

First and for-most, CBD is short for Cannbidiol, a type of cannabinoid, of which there are many found through out nature. They are most commonly found in the highest amounts in cannabis. With the recent buzz around the many health benefits of CBD more and more research is being done to understand this powerful substance. What we do know is that CBD has a positive impact on an array of health issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to chronic pain and autoimmune disorders such as MS. As humans we have what is called an “Endocannabinoid System” within our bodies. Our bodies actually naturally produce cannabinoids, including our mother’s breast milk! Cannabinoids have wide-ranging effects on the body but their primary function is to promote homeostasis in the body, maintaining balance in our internal physiological systems. What is also known about CBD is that it actually encourages our body to use our own cannabinoids rather than mimicking them. This is quite profound as it is simply encouraging the body to rely on what it’s already producing and prepared to receive. CBD has also been found to be anti-inflammatory, pain reducing, and anti-spasmodic, which all promote healing and injury prevention for the body. 


Where does it come from?

CBD is most commonly extracted from cannabis, or industrial hemp, though we are finding there are several other plant species that also produce CBD. Industrial hemp is different from the cannabis you can just pick up from a dispensary in that is has a .3% level of THC and is regularly tested to make sure these levels do not rise. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana as well as another type of cannabinoid.  This is the ingredient in cannabis that creates a “high” or change in mental perception. 


Will CBD get me “high”?

NO!! CBD does NOT have a psychoactive effect. Although there is .3% THC in our products, the drops and salve, it is NOT enough to alter your state of mind and VERY unlikely to be detectable on a drug test. It should also be noted that when using a cannabis product topically, even if there was more than .3% THC, you would not be susceptible to getting “stoned” because THC cannot pass the blood-brain barrier through the skin. Point three percent THC is an amount arrived at by many states like Washington because it is such a negligible amount. THESE PRODUCTS WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH. PERIOD. 


Why do I use it?

Similar to my use of arnica in my massage practice as well as other helpful essential oils, CBD only makes natural sense to me to use in tandem with my practice. I am inspired by the positive impact it has on my clients and myself. I have found that while using CBD topically in my own life, my injuries have healed faster, such as my rolled ankle, and I have had less discomfort during the healing process. I also find that I sleep better. As an LMT I find the tissues I apply CBD to become more pliable and ready for deeper work sooner. I also like that I can offer such a high quality product to my clients. I take comfort in knowing they have a powerful resource they can use on their own that supports their health and wellbeing. 


Why Frog Song Farms?

They are simply the best. I am not exaggerating. I went to their farm near SE Portland to conduct my own research and left feeling blown away and inspired by the quality and intentionality of their product. They are committed to non-toxic farming practices right down to the health of their soil reaching into to their extraction process with organic food-grade cane ethanol. This type of extraction allows for other benefiting compounds to remain in their products like terpines and flavonoids in a non-toxic way, as many other extraction processes use harmful chemicals. They know how to extract their CBD in such a way that allows for high potency and heat it to the perfect temperature making it even more available for the body to receive. They are a local family farm filled with integrity making their products affordable simply because they want them to available to those in need. We carry an array of their products at VWS, feel free to come by and check them out!


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