A Smile Will Gain You Ten More Years of Life - Chinese Proverb


Summer is associated with the element of fire. The organ association is the heart, the emotion is joy and the sound is laughter. The fire element is the element of love and connection.

Summer is the time to feed your fire by doing activities that bring you joy just for the sake of joy! Walking in nature is a healing and joyful activity. Bike riding, hiking, swimming all are fun and joyful summer activities. These are just some ideas but the joyful possibilities are endless! These activities are done for the pure of doing them not because you have to do them but because they make you smile. Bringing joy to your life helps to keep the fire element in balance. Chinese Medicine loves balance and harmony in one's life.

Fire is the spark within us that allows us to feel connected and inspired. Summer is a time of movement and increased activity. Increased connection to ourselves and others. The sun is at its highest and longest in the sky, therefore we can celebrate and feel the joy of connection to ourselves and others.

Foods you can add to your diet to support the Heart channel in the summer are:
lotus root or seeds, purple kale, blackberries, apricots, cantaloupe, plums, pistachios, beets, cherries, olives.

By increasing these foods in your diet during this season you help to support the balance in the heart channel. By supporting the heart channel you can be more present to the joy in your life.

A favorite of mine is lotus root. It can be found at an Asian food market usually pre-sliced in a sealed bag soaking in salt water. It is a delicious root and can be added to stir fry’s. I love to season it with Tamari and white sesame seeds.

Neroli and Sweet orange are my favorite oils for the heart. You can smell the oil through the day to help relax and connect with yourself and to feel the joy within your heart. The smell alone brings a smile and a sense of calm.

What brings you joy just for the sake of doing? What passions and fire do you have that you would like to fulfill in your life? What makes you smile and laugh? What inspires you?


Megan & VWS Team