Having a Healthier Relationship with Nutritious Foods

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More playtime in the kitchen with those you love is always a great way to encourage a healthier relationship with nutritious foods! By creating time together around food, and making it FUN to be together (smiles and laughing is the goal) we actually can expect more adventures with our eating. 

Both kids and adults are much more likely to expand food choices and try new varieties of foods when involved in the process of preparing it. From picking to washing, to chopping (age appropriate of course), to mixing and cooking, and finally to plating the food items, there are so many ways to engage your loved ones in the kitchen! When is the last time you played with your food with your friends and family?!

Having Fun While Preparing a Meal

Spending time together with loved ones interacting in positive ways always produces more feel good hormones in our body. By encouraging play time in the kitchen, we make time for relationship building as well as opportunities to improve the knowledge and love of food.


Add a variety of colors into your cart while shopping at the grocery store.

Take your kids, friends and family to a farm where you can pick food straight from the ground!


Add a stool at the sink and let the strainer and scrubber tools make for a fun cleaning process. Fun fact: even organic veggies need a thorough washing!

Chopping (Age Appropriate)

Teach knife skills individually, as this step needs the most help.


Get your hands dirty mixing food by hand, making it a fun moment in the process (remember to wash your hands!)


Get out the grill and make it a fun time outside and out of the kitchen for the whole family.


Arranging the tortillas on the plates or setting the table can be made into a fun game for your kids.

Haley & VWS Team

Haley Vilhauer (CHPC, RDN, CD) is a Registered Dietician and Functional Nutritionist who loves to help uncover the mysteries of health. Whether it be food intolerances, GI disturbances like bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or loose stools, she is aims to clear the confusion surrounding sluggish energy, weight gain, mood fluctuations, mysterious skin issues, food intolerances and energy.

In addition to her nutrition practice, Haley is also a Certified High Performance Coach, working with individual clients, groups, teams and corporations to improve their psychology in addition to their physiology.

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