The State in Which We Eat Affects Our Body

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I always tell my clients that restoration is never just about the food. Yes we can use food to restore gut health, and yes your body is amazing at healing, but we do need to think about not just the food but the state in which we eat!

If we are eating in “stress mode” (fight, flight or freeze), then our digestion and absorption will be impaired. If we are eating with a sense of calm and inner peace (rest and digest), we will improve our ability for our nutrition to take healing action!!

Here are some of our favorite activities that can help keep you to set your body into restoration mode!

  1. Meditation: 15 minutes of stillness daily can be life-changing

  2. Guided Imagery/Visualization: imagine the ease of working through your upcoming day

  3. Relaxation Exercises: coloring, sewing, yoga, stretching, tai chi, etc.

  4. Breathing Techniques: 10 deep belly breaths can be amazing!

Haley & VWS Team

Haley Vilhauer (CHPC, RDN, CD) is a Registered Dietician and Functional Nutritionist who loves to help uncover the mysteries of health. Whether it be food intolerances, GI disturbances like bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or loose stools, she is aims to clear the confusion surrounding sluggish energy, weight gain, mood fluctuations, mysterious skin issues, food intolerances and energy.

In addition to her nutrition practice, Haley is also a Certified High Performance Coach, working with individual clients, groups, teams and corporations to improve their psychology in addition to their physiology.

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