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First newsletter: would be a great time to highlight the HCP program (will be implemented by then). So announce and share about how each provider looks at the HCP mindfully then you (Kendall) can share about how you come together as a team to create the holistic care plans.


I feel relief when I read over an HCP intake form from a client,  I’m listening from an abundant place/a mindful place - I don’t need this client to be mine. My number one agenda is the client’s well-being, rather than having this client come see me. I don’t feel competive. 

As practitioners, We’re alive - we feed each other/nurture each other as much as we support our clients and their journeys. I’ve grown to be a better practitioner because of the quality of relationships that I share with my teammates.


I can step back and think about...What tools to I have to best serve this person? I can focus on my speciality and confidently refer over to another specialist on our team. I don’t have to do everything or feel pressure to do everything. Having us all under one roof brings a sense of comfort to us, as well as patients. 


Beautiful benefit to encourage someone to try another provider and receive support from each angle. People leave more grounded/encouraged from each provider. 

We’re practicing mindfulness in the way we interact with each other as a team. 

We’re honoring our stories - what happened in the rear view mirror DOES matter. We help people do what they need to do to honor those experiences. 


From a mindfulness perspetive, we are inviting them to take our recommendation. They set the pace - we’re accepting the pace for each client. Give invintation to take next step forward - inviting change but not pushing or demanding it. Also, mindfulness - compassion for self and others - non-judgemental. Open mind and heart - honor their suffering. 

We all also have our own journeys, so we come from a place of understanding. 

Our emotions and hardships are our teachers. 


Mindfulness - being intentional about what we do. The pro of being patient-centered. We all want the same outcome for the patient - it’s not personal, we want the patient to feel better. 

I love relaying the message that it’s the experiences that make life, not necessarily the purpose 

This is a safe place to realize where you’re at in your health journey. You can be grounded here and learn from your journey, versus trying to get rid of all exerpiences of your disease. 


The journey itself is just as important as the end goal - so we don’t rush the process. It’s congruent through each of us. We embrace our own truth - we are relatable to each other and our clients. We support people to help themselves. 

You will walk away with a similar experience after seeing any of us. The truth of where you are and want to be. 

Live anyways - live alongside what you’re dealing with - we all embody that at our core


We practice mindfulness within each team meeting, with how we approach our discussion of patients. We meditate together  - we eat mindfully together. We honor our truth, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement (definition of mindfulness). 

Regarding HCP - I help guide our discussion to focus on the patient as a whole and how each of our providers could and would approach their care. We then think about a starting place for the patient based on our discussion and the health goals the patient has shared with us. We offer a recommendation, and shift the original plan if needed based on feedback from the patient. We stay in continuous communication with each other about the patient and WITH the patient on how the process is going and how we can best support them along the way.

Clinical Director Kendall & VWS Team

Kendall Hagensen (MA, LMHCA, R-DMT) is the VWS Clinical Director and a Somatic or Body-Oriented Mental Health Therapist and trained in EMDR, which means that she utilizes our innate mind-body connection as a tool in counseling. She specializes in, and is passionate about, working with adults of all ages living with Chronic Pain and Medical Illnesses. These almost always have a psychological component, whether it be a new diagnosis or chronic condition. Using EMDR, body awareness, breath-work, movement, as well as talk therapy, Kendall works with clients to manage pain and develop a healthy relationship with their illness. Kendall’s practice expertise also includes anxiety and stress management, depression, and career issues.

To schedule a therapy session, email or call Kendall.