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CANCELLED: Gong Sound Healing

  • Vancouver Wellness Studio 800 Franklin Street, Suite #200 Vancouver, WA 98660 United States (map)


The gong helps you to let go of unwanted and negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and physical actions and replaces them with positive and loving thoughts and actions. Your consciousness moves into this general state of being here now in the present moment. When you do this for an extended period of time, like an hour gong sound healing, you are allowing all that you want and desire in your life to manifest. It is in this state of being that you can quickly heal, transform, and allow ease, joy, and abundance in your life! This is a similar state of consciousness that you are in when you are about to fall asleep and same as the moment you wake up in the morning. This state of consciousness is called “theta” or the lucid dream state. You enter the “theta” state the second you hear the gong! This is what allows all that you desire into your life on every plane of existence. The gong is a tool that assists you with your practice of dwelling in this mindful, receptive and allowing place within.

$25 at the door

Held at VWS by Toren Collective.

More information about Gong Sound Healing