Ron is a personal trainer with over 20 years of health and wellness experience; helping his clients achieve their fitness goals through customized fitness programs. With expertise in both body weight and free weight exercises, Ron’s purpose is to educate his clients as to the unlimited potential of their greatest asset-- -their mind, body and soul. Ron believes that fitness is the key to access all the amazing wonder that life has to offer. Through increased capability, Ron’s clients have discovered the wealth of opportunity that a fit life has to offer.

Tai-Chi and Qugong have played an instrumental role in shaping Ron's philosophy both personally and professionally, and he uses this as a foundation for a mind, body, soul approach to fitness. 

After a brief assessment of your current physical ability, (i.e., flexibility, balance, posture, etc.) Ron will create an individualized set of movement/exercises to invigorate and strengthen. Ron’s hands-on approach is both patient and gentle.

If you'd like to get started with Ron, schedule a complimentary meet & greet!