Lagom Body Co. Skin Care

Lagom Body Co. exists not only to improve your skin through plant-centric skincare but also to improve your overall health and vitality. That's why we're proud to offer vibrant products that make it easy for you to take care of your skin while arming you with the knowledge to cultivate vital health. 

We believe that by using whole plants and minimally processed botanicals, oils, and butters results in superior products that illuminate your natural radiance and vitality. We consistently evolve the product line to infuse it with more locally grown plants and to support the local economy.

And, by working predominately with U.S.-based growers, that means that we increase our accessibility to fresh plants at their peak vibrancy and oils made from North American crops. When possible, we grow our own flowers to infuse into your skincare, too.

We deeply believe in the healing power of plants. By reconnecting with them, our lives, in turn, become richer and more abundant. We're so excited for you to add Lagom Body Co. to your existing ritual — we know you'll love the feel and experience.