Integration & Relaxation

Krystal Meyer
Specializes in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral and Tui Na. Krystal maintains a deep trust in our body’s innate healing wisdom and avidly believes that when one facet of our being is affected, so too are the others in a harmonious and symbiotic way.  Massage to Krystal is far from being a luxury; it is a valuable resource that leads to a more embodied and fulfilling life.

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Types Of Massage


This is a gentle form of bodywork that uses specific placement of hands and fingers to encourage release throughout the body by working with the cranial bones, sacrum, and spine. This work is dedicated to honoring the body’s intelligence, and calls for the practitioner to simply listen and hold space for the client. Within the spine dwells our spinal chord, surrounded by a special protective sheath of connective tissue running from the base of our spine to cover the entire area of our brain. This connective tissue produces cerebral spinal fluid, CSF, a highly nourishing fluid that bathes our central nervous system (brain and spinal chord) and creates what is known as the craniosacral rhythm. This rhythm is produced through the production and reabsorption of CSF. By listening to the client’s body, I am able to sense this rhythm, and follow its movement through the surrounding tissues. This allows me to lightly manipulate the cranial bones, helping bring about better alignment as well as relax deeper tissues in the body. Because this work deals mainly with the central nervous system, it has profound effects one’s entire being. This work is beneficial in many ways, but can be especially helpful with chronic back pain, head-aches, TMJ issues, reduced immunity, as well as recovering from trauma.

Myofascial Release

To understand this work, it is best to understand our anatomy a little bit more. Myo- meaning muscle and Fascia- our connective tissue, is the complex system that allows us to relate to and move through space. Every muscle fiber, every vein/artery, every organ, your entire body, is interwoven with connective tissue. It can be easily seen as an interconnected web, spread entirely over you and through you like a sheet. It is this unique substance that allows a harmonious balance between flexibility and strength. Releasing here means the unwinding of a group of muscles/fascia that bind themselves together due to some kind of misalignment or imbalance in a habitual pattern of movement, such as walking, sitting at a desk or simply turning your neck. These places of binding are often referred to as knots or adhesions.  This work allows for the tissues to separate, making physical space for a more beneficial movement pattern. It is slow work, and highly effective, especially for old injuries and chronic pain. Myofascial release encourages lymph flow, which supports your immune system, increased range of motion, and decreased muscle soreness.

Tui Na

The definition is in the name, Tui-push, and na-grasp. This is a traditional Chinese approach to massage, and works similarly to acupuncture in the sense that acupressure points and meridians are manually pressed and rubbed to redistribute and balance the client’s qi. Swedish massage is actually based on this modality. It is a rhythmic style of pushing and grasping using traction, chaffing, rubbing, rocking, pressing and shaking in a melody of ways. Techniques are gentle but remain firm and work with the body’s ability to find it’s own equilibrium once again. It is highly rejuvenating as well as very relaxing, leaving you feeling centered and energized. Because Tui Na work’s with the meridians, or energy pathways that correspond to organs, there are limitless indications for this type of work. I find myself most commonly using it for sore muscles, chronic pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, and general anxiety and depression.

CBD Oil Treatment

Similar to my use of arnica in my massage practice as well as other helpful essential oils, CBD only makes natural sense to me to use in tandem with my practice. I am inspired by the positive impact it has on my clients and myself. I have found that while using CBD topically in my own life, my injuries have healed faster, such as my rolled ankle, and I have had less discomfort during the healing process. I also find that I sleep better. As an LMT I find the tissues I apply CBD to become more pliable and ready for deeper work sooner. I also like that I can offer such a high quality product to my clients. I take comfort in knowing they have a powerful resource they can use on their own that supports their health and wellbeing. 

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Glass Fire Cupping

Glass cupping is an ancient healing modality, with its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cups can either be moved across the skin or left in an area for a short duration. Fire is placed in the cup, burning up the oxygen, as the air cools it creates a vacuum. The cup is quickly placed on the clients skin, pulling the tissue into the cup. By creating a vacuum in the cup the tissues can be lifted from other tissues below, creating space for muscles and connective tissue to relax. It also temporarily creates an inflammatory response, calling for the body to increase circulation in the affected area. Increased circulation supports the health of your tissues as well as your immune system. From a TCM perspective it brings the qi, or our life energy, closer to the surface, allowing it to flow better in the body. I typically use 3-4 cups per session, varying in all sizes. Cupping is very helpful for neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as pain in other areas like the IT band, quads and calves. Simply put, by creating more space in the tissues, muscles can do their jobs better. Cupping also helps to decrease adhesions, commonly known as knots, in the muscle bellies and between muscles. By supporting the currents of Qi in the body, stagnation is decreased and our vital energy can flow in harmony. If you have never experienced cupping before, it is a new sensation to have the skin slightly sucked up into the cup, but it should not hurt. It can, however, leave marks on the skin which can be dark or light, lasting 1-3 weeks.

"When I first started going to Krystal for a massage, my every intention was to most likely only go to her once or twice as I don’t live very close by. But, she has such an awesome vibe about her and really knows what she’s doing with massage and can really read how my body is feeling a lot of times before I even know! I’m now hooked on her and I look forward to our appointments.”

Erin - Massage Member from PDX

"Krystal is one of the most unique and talented massage therapists I've ever been to. I have had massages at 5 star resorts, in other countries, and highly rated spas. She definitely is at the top of the list! She has a strong intuition for healing and the most solid base of knowledge  about the body's physical structure I've ever hear. I feel very fortunate to be a regular client of Krystal's."


Receiving massage from Krystal is an honor and privilege. She is a warm hearted, generous and joyful person and infuses her treatments with blissful energy and attention to detail. She has a magical way of providing deliciously smooth and fluid strokes that are simultaneously pleasurable and therapeutic. Krystal is a natural born healer and you will be so happy to receive her expert treatments."